Why are Fugitive Emissions Important?

The organization takes a great initiative to improve the standards of products and operations. These are some of the benefits of using API 641  products:

What is Fugitive Emission?


Fugitive emissions are leaks and other irregular releases of gases or vapors from a pressurized containment. Fugitive emissions contribute to air pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases. Some common industry gases are methane, natural gas and carbon dioxide.

What can you do?

The best way to reduce fugitive emissions is through regular testing, maintenance and monitoring. In addition buying valves tested to API 641 will give you extra confidence in reducing emissions in your facility.

What is API 641 Fugitive Emissions Testing?

API 641 is the type test for quarter turn valve designs, evaluating low emissions performance over an accelerated life cycle. This standard was released in late 2016.  


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