Factors to Look for in Valve Supplier

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Valves are considered as of the most important tools for flow control in industrial systems and applications. They play a key role in optimizing your industrial productivity and efficiency. This piece will review some important considerations for selecting a valve supplier.


What’s the market size of your selected valve distributer/manufacturer? How much inventory do they carry? Large-scale industrial distributors have superior quality standards and always meet their deadlines. If you’ll build a relationship with a large-scale industrial distributor, you’ll get the right products at the right time. This is especially important during a planned shutdown of the system, or you encounter an emergency. By dealing with a renowned company that carries a large inventory, you can ensure that you get the products exactly when you need them.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance directly affects the durability of your control valves, their daily performance, and their efficacy. Always check out the services of your supplier or schedule a meeting with them to understand their product maintenance protocols. Make sure that they understand your system requirements and maintenance needs and are ready to execute valve maintenance operations when needed. It’s best if you understand their work ethic and make sure that the maintenance tasks will cause only a little or no disturbance to your regular operations.

Valve Repair

Regardless of how well-maintained your industrial valves are; they will need proper repair after some time of regular usage.  Look for a valve distributor that carries a good supply of replacement parts for when you need repair parts are available for minimum down time. Also make sure that the valve manufacturing technicians at your selected company are highly trained, experienced, and professional. Dysfunctional valves can damage your system and significantly reduce system productivity.

ISO Certified Products

Would you like to invest money in substandard valves that don’t meet the quality and safety requirements? No, we thought so, and therefore, we would highly recommend you make sure if your chosen valve supplier deals in products that comply with ISO and industry standards. 

Understanding of Industrial Systems

For the proper selection of valves for your system, you’ll probably need consultancy services. Make sure that your valve supplier can perform a detailed assessment of your system and understands how different components may affect the efficiency of the valve. The valve performance, for instance, relies heavily on its actuator. Make sure that your supplier understands this relationship and recommends flow control products accordingly.

Commitment to Safety

Safety is one of the most important considerations to make when looking for valve installation. Make sure that your valve supplier understands these recommendations and the valves you choose meet the regulatory requirements in your area.

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