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GrandPrix Of Houston AP16D Pipeline Valves
Quality Assurance

Verifiable quality is a valve prerequisite in the industries we serve. This is why JAG maintains an independent staff of engineers and inspectors at the manufacturing facilities to confirm quality.

All JAG valves are tested to confirm they meet all the accepted standards for Quality Assurance and Controls. From PMI and Ultrasonic testing to Hydrostatic testing for zero leakage and Final InspectionJAG's Quality Assurance program works to provide you with the quality you need.

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JAG's vision is to deliver quality valves for installation when you need them. We know your projects require you to have valves - in line on time. This vision is backed by over $60 million in valve inventory, strategically located in our distribution facilities in Edmonton and Houston. Additionally, leading valve distribution companies near you stock JAG and can provide field support.

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We understand you have budgets to maintain, deadlines to meet and investors that expect a profit. We also understand the industries we serve and have designed valves with value added features. Our goal is to provide valve value that saves time and money, benefiting your bottom line.

To this end, JAG has harnessed the power of global sourcing to provide world class valve economics, enabling you to compete effectively. Many major companies have added JAG to their Accepted Manufacturers List, a testament to JAG's quality and value from experienced valves users.

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